Wisdom teeth and oral surgery –
your trust paired with our education and experience

Almost everybody gets them, nobody wants them, and very often they cause us problems: Wisdom teeth.

Your children have braces and your orthodontist recommends removing teeth to enhance the success. Your teeth are decayed and you have decided to change your smile now. You are in pain for a long time, you had been afraid to find the right dental partner and now you have found us and trust us and you are about to overcome your anxiety. So many different starting situations that can involve oral surgery.

How can you handle a necessary procedure better than expected? Put your trust in the right team, Jindalee Family Dental. With our continued education in all kinds of oral surgery and the newest technology paired with years and years of experience in this field, we are your right partner. Trusting us is your first step in the right direction. At our surgery our team will put you at ease any time. We are equipped with the newest technology for all oral surgery procedures, from wisdom tooth extraction to bone grafting and implants. However, we always examine you first, assess the situation and discuss with you the different approaches to your problem to find the right solution for your individual issue.