Veneers – don’t hide your beautiful smile any more

You chipped your front tooth playing sport? You had fun with somebody and accidentally got serious? You had an accident? You are simply not happy with your shape of your front teeth? You had a habit when you were young like biting pens, opening bottle tops?

These are just a few of the many ways that your smile can be compromised. Jindalee Family Dental can offer you veneers which can be used to shape or colour your teeth for a wonderful bright confident smile. Veneers – made out of ceramics usually – are a thin piece of custom-made ceramic which can improve your smile and boost your confidence. We would like to introduce you to this simple, less invasive procedures . We create then bond a thin, individual custom made veneer to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. Why go through the process and expense of a full crown if you don’t need one? Jindalee Family Dental will give you an honest advice, like you deserve.

We are even able to offer this with our CEREC system – talk to us about having veneers without the need for a temporary, especially for patients interested in our FIFO-service.