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Prevention, prevention, prevention

At Jindalee Family Dental we have a preventative approach. Of course we always can treat every kind of issue, however wouldn’t it be great to prevent this in the first step? We would love to see exactly this!

You are asking us what you can do? Simple: It is necessary to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. In Addition to this we advise you visit your dentist on a regular basis – twice a year is recommended, before anything major develops.

We welcome dental emergencies but our aim is to prevent them. Our gentle and experienced team with their preventative approach do everything to maintain or improve your wonderful smile.

Prevention not only means a wonderful, winning and confident smile, to us it means you are able to eat whatever you are longing for. Prevention allows you to save money and time by avoiding expensive and time consuming treatment.

Our pillars of a preventative program are: balanced fluoride assessment, dietary advice and last but not least oral hygiene instructions. Nobody has shown you yet? We certainly can do that. Let us support you and your beautiful children with a tailored program around your oral hygiene.