Implants done in-house at Jindalee Family Dental ( no referral needed!)
– feel free to live your life without any restrictions

It can happen: you lose a tooth. Subsequently we experience insecurity of our personal behaviour, e.g. laughing and smiling or even eating.

It can affect us so much that it can cause the loss of our image. We all want the same in life: look good, be active with confidence, and eat the things we enjoy. A wonderful option is placing a dental implant. Implants can restore and enhance both the appearance of your smile as well as your chewing function. At Jindalee Family Dental we use the newest technology like 3D planning, which is done in-house. Nowadays, time is a big factor, our technology and experience enables us to prepare all steps in-house, from planning to placing the implant and the crown on top.

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For our valued patients we have information evenings with different topics regarding implants and much more.