Gum disease treatment in-house, no referral needed
– keeping your whole body healthy

Did you know that until 35 years of age, decay is the most likely cause of tooth loss, however gum disease is responsible for more tooth loss than decay in people over 35?

Nowadays we know that advanced gum diseases can be linked to other health issues such as heart diseases, strokes etc.

Unfortunately, gum disease is very often painless and slow acting and you don’t realize until it is advanced. Hence, it is one of the important things to get your gums checked together with your teeth on a regular basis – let us together lay the foundation – with you brushing and flossing your teeth and us checking your teeth and gums.

And if necessary, our experience and equipment allows us to treat gum disease in-house, no referral needed.

Your body will be thankful that we take care of it – together!