Kid-friendly, Mum-approved

We know how important it is to get to know our young patients. A good experience at the beginning leads to a stress free lifetime of dental care. Hence we take time to get to know your children. So when they have their dentists visit at our surgery we do everything we can to make this first exploration as pleasant as possible.

It is never too early for your first visit at Jindalee Family Dental. It would be perfect to bring them along with you to your dentist check-up in our surgery so we can start together teaching that a visit at Jindalee Family Dental can be a positive experience you don’t have to be afraid of.

If you want to prepare your children in a playful way we can recommend books to do so:

My First... Visit to the Dentist : My First... (QEB) - Eve Marleau


Child dental benefits scheme? Of course we participate! To find out if your child is eligible for Medicare benefit and gets up to $1,000 per year for dental treatment call us today.

For our valued patients we have information evenings with different topics regarding pregnancy and kids teeth.

Fissure sealing available at Jindalee Family Dental - Fissures are the grooves that naturally occur in the biting surfaces of teeth.

Especially, if the fissures are very deep and/or narrow, toothbrush bristles cannot fit inside to clean out food particles, which can cause decay. And as we all know, our children sometimes try to get around brushing their teeth properly, too.

A great way to prevent decay without drilling are fissure sealants. It is a great opportunity for your children’s molars from the age of 6 years. The best time to apply fissure sealants is immediately after the permanent teeth appear.

Give us a call today to discuss this prevention opportunity.