CEREC – restore your smile, keep your schedule

Same day dental crowns? Of course it is possible.

Jindalee Family Dental utilises the latest in dental technology and one of these technologies is the incredible CEREC – a CAD/CAM machine.

Normally multiple appointments are necessary in the traditional process, however fillings, crowns and veneers can be done with CEREC on site requiring only one appointment. A special 3D high tech camera takes a digital impression of your tooth which will show and explain to you. An on-site milling machine next mills your new tooth which is then ready to be bonded. We have more than 20 years experience with this system therefore we can more than guarantee longevity the quality of the ceramics material and the precision of the milling process.

Let us introduce you to a proven system with lots of benefits: no annoying impressions, hence less time in the dental chair. This is a high quality system which looks aesthetically pleasing and not only gives you the confidence to smile but also allows you to eat the things which you like the most. A wonderful option especially if you have a tight schedule.