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It can happen: you lose a tooth. The alternative to placing an implant would be the possibility of placing a bridge.

Bridges can restore and enhance both the appearance of your smile as well as your chewing function, they improve the strength, durability and function of your existing teeth. They are a wonderful option if you don’t want to have an implant or a denture to replace your missing tooth.

But: Don’t put it off! Once you have lost a natural tooth, it is essential to find a replacement as soon as possible. Teeth may move into the open space therefore changing your bite. Over time a changed bite may result in sore jaws, gum disease, or even difficulty in eating. There are many different designs and materials which can be used for bridges: we at Jindalee Family Dental will discuss the best option together with you.

Each bridge is individually handcrafted by our experienced team of dental technicians to create a healthy, natural look.