Infection Control: Safety For You

At Jindalee Family Dental we know about the importance of proper infection control procedures and have established strict procedures and guidelines to keep you safe. Putting these procedures in place prevents the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria.

To ensure safety for both patients and staff we:

  • Sterilize our instruments and disinfect the treatment room thoroughly after every patient
  • Wash and disinfect our hands thoroughly before, during and after your treatment and use antibacterial hand gels
  • Wear gloves, masks, and protective glasses
  • Regularly attend courses and congresses to ensure that we have put in place the latest and highest standards in infection and hygiene control
  • Use disposable instruments if possible

You want to have a closer look behind the scenes? Just ask us - we are more than happy to show you and explain our procedures.

have a close look behind the scenes