Meet the Team

Our hand-picked team is more than a collection of dental staff, we are your support team for your dental health.

Leading from the front is our founding Dentist, Dr Helmut "Mick" Goette.


Dr Helmut "Mick" Goette

I qualified as a dentist DDS (Dr. med. dent.) from the University of Munich, Bavaria/Germany in 1993.

I was lucky to work with some of the best dentists, surgeons and professors in different fields and gathered experience in preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, working with children and disabled people, oral surgery, and maxillofacial surgery. I started working in a very busy family clinic for two years. I opened my first clinic in 1995 with focus on family and preventive care, gum disease treatment, root canal treatment (endodontics) and implants ā€“ I placed my first implant in 1993. One of my clients was a nursing home for disabled people and people with special needs and I was the school dentist for a couple of primary schools. I do everything I can to make sure that my patients are relaxed and comfortable. I aim to show children that there is no need to be scared and I put anxious adults or medically compromised patients at ease so they can receive the treatment they need.

I really enjoy helping my patients maintain good (dental) health and listen to them. Every patient has got their own individual story and I love to take my time to listen - the most important part is what you need and what your expectations are to find a solution for you! I love thinking outside the box and discussing options with a look at the big picture.

Through my experience I was chosen to become a lecturer and instructor in different fields like smile-make-over, oral surgery, laser therapy, computerized dentistry (CEREC) where I could share again my experience with students and fellow colleagues all over the world. I published articles about computerized dentistry and laser and wrote a book together with a colleague about management of a preventive dental surgery.

In 2010 my wife and I moved to Australia where I worked in the city and rural communities. I have always made sure to participate in continued education to stay on top of the possibilities and challenges in dentistry.

With almost 30 years of experience I believe to be a great value to the community and I am proud to offer a good quality dental care and service around you. My focus has always been my patients and I have been to continued education courses domestic and international to provide the best dental care and technology for my patients. I enjoy all aspects of general dentistry and a happy smile from my patients is the best reward!



Hi there, my name is Silke. I have been working in dentistry for more than 30 years. I am one of your first contacts in the surgery on the phone and I will welcome you personally to our lovely surgery. Furthermore, I am responsible for quality management (e.g. our accreditation).

We all love being there for our patients, because we know how nervous people can get when visiting the dentist. And with our happy environment you will not just feel in good hands, you will be in good hands. I love working with children and putting them at ease, show them that a visit to the dentist can be fun, too: drawing, playing games or even just sitting there and having a chat to them ā€“ whatever you and your child needs!

You want me to describe us shortly: caring for you, holistic approach, lots of experience and honest dentistry!



Hi there, my name is Rachel. I work in our personalised practice as the front office coordinator and I will be one of the first ones to greet you on the phone or in person. I have been in dentistry for many years. I enjoy 2 wonderful children of my own and my husband and I are local to Jindalee. The team at Jindalee told me I am fitting perfectly in with my bubbly personality. I love to take my time for a little chat. What I love about our team is, that you our lovely patients are not just "any patient" - everyone has got a little story to tell about dentistry or even about life. And we all enjoy those moments with you. We even have got patients coming in for simply a coffee. How amazing is that!

I know how stressful a visit to the dentist can be and I will do my very best to make you feel comfortable and I am looking forward to your visits!



Hi my name is Val and I work alongside the wonderful team here at Jindalee Family Dental in my role as Dental Nurse.

My main focus is on patient care and my aim is to ensure that our patients are treated in the way they deserve. I get great job satisfaction from our patients leaving the practice feeling happy, relaxed and as though they are part of our 'dental family'.

After a short space of time being 'chairside' with Mick I knew he was unique. His gentle, skill full and knowledgeable approach to his dentistry makes him a pleasure to work with.

I am originally from the UK and having worked in the dental industry in the UK for a number of years. I decided to undertake my training as a Dental Nurse after our family moved to Australia in 2008. Our patients are wonderful and I always enjoy a chat with everyone.



Hello Iā€™m Shan, one of the dentists at Jindalee Family Dental! I was born and raised in Australia and have always wanted to work in healthcare. I graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Doctor of Dental Medicine with Distinction. I am interested in all areas of dentistry and enjoy working with children.

I love to do everything I can to make a trip to the dentist stress free and to create a calming environment for those who may feel dentally anxious. I have worked with patients from all walks of life and love spending time getting to know them. I highly value patient-centric treatment and aim to deliver high quality dentistry that does best by the patient. I keep up to date with the latest evidence by attending regular training courses and seminars.

I look forward to meeting you!


Hello! My name is Sally and I am one of the dentists here at Jindalee Family Dental. I graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Doctor of Dental Medicine with Distinction. During my studies, I have been awarded numerous academic and clinical prizes in major areas of dentistry including Paediatric dentistry. I was also the recipient of the Australian Dental Association (W.A. Branch) Prize.

I enjoy all areas of general dentistry but have a special interest working with kids and special needs patients. I love to meet and get to know each patient individually, and help them achieve the best oral health outcome with an evidence-based and patient-centered approach. I also try to make sure your visit to the dentist is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.



Hi there, my name is Sonia. I work in our little practice as dental nurse. I have been in dentistry for many, many years. I enjoy working with children all age group, especially having two myself and I can't wait to welcome you in here. I love to chat, having a laugh but at the same time taking your mind of being at the dentist. What I love about working here is, that we have wonderful patients who I can get to know. Every patient has a little story about their past dentist experience which we love to listen to or we can chat about your last holiday. That makes our job so interesting, seeing so many different people, some nervous, some relaxed. And I can't wait to get to know you all! I know how stressful a visit to the dentist can be and I will do my very best to make you feel comfortable!


Hi there, my name is Helen. I work in our little practice as dental nurse. I have been in dentistry for many years. The last couple of years I had the pleasure of being a mum to a wonderful little one. I enjoy working with children all age group and can't wait to welcome you in here. The team at Jindalee told me I am fitting perfectly in. What I love about our team is, that we take our time with our patients and that we get to know you.

I know how stressful a visit to the dentist can be and I will do my very best to make you feel comfortable.